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We are the only service in Victoria that provides reunions for the Stolen Generations. We offer four types of reunions - in some cases, a reunion may include a combination of these.

Family Reunions

A Family Reunion provides the opportunity for a client to meet with and connect to their living family. A Family Reunion can be held between a mother and child, a brother and sister, a group of siblings, a group of family members including Elders such as grandparents, aunties and uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces. Family Reunions are about establishing bonds between family, creating a connection that is strong and helping our client to know who they are and where they belong.

Gravesite Reunion

Sometimes a family member such as a parent or child or sibling or grandparent who our client has been searching for has passed onto the Dreaming. We confirm the burial place of the family member and can then offer a Graveside Reunion which provides our client with the opportunity to connect to and grieve for their loved one. We can also fund as part of this reunion a small memorial stone that respectfully honours the memory of those who have passed onto the Dreaming.

Return to Country Reunion

Return to Country Reunions are about providing clients with the opportunity to proudly walk on their traditional county and learn about their rich traditional culture from Elders. These reunions can be small or large and can involve a few family members or a whole community.

Back to Institution Reunions

Back to Institution Reunions have been held all over Australia for former residents of institutions, such as children's homes, and these are usually held at the former site of the institution. These reunions provide the opportunity for clients to reconnect with other former residents who may have become like family to them. They provide the opportunity for clients to gather and yarn with others who know what it was like to grow up in institutional care.

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