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Our History

Link-Up Victoria was founded in 1990 to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders aged 18 years and over and living in Victoria, who have been directly affected by past government policies and who were separated from their families and culture through forced removal, being fostered, adopted, or raised in institutions.

Our work is about breaking the cycle of assimilation that began long ago when the governments of this country decided that it was best for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander babies and children who came under their care to not know who they were, where they came from and who they belonged to.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have been profoundly affected by this separation of families and removal of children, and the continued struggle for those who were removed to return home to family, Country, community, and Culture.

The Bringing Them Home report released by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission in 1997 confirmed the devastating effects that the removal of children has had on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, communities and cultures.

Our work assists the Stolen Generations to confidently reclaim their Aboriginal identity, to wholeheartedly embrace their Aboriginal heritage, and to return back into the caring arms of their people.

We support Stolen Generations survivors to find and reunite with family, reconnect with culture, and proudly walk on their traditional Country.