National Sorry Day 26 May

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Out of the 365 days of the calendar year there are only four days that are national days of commemoration focusing on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people  – Anniversary of the National Apology Day – 13 February, National Sorry Day – 26 May, NAIDOC Day – second Friday in July and Mabo Day – 3 June.

As a service that supports the Stolen Generations we call on everyone to acknowledge National Sorry Day and help us to ensure that this day does not go unnoticed, that this day continues to be an important day of significance for everyone. National Sorry Day is held each year on 26 May “to commemorate the history of forcible removals and its effects.”  Just about every Aboriginal family in Australia today has been affected by past government policies that deliberately sought to assimilate our people and destroy our culture and National Sorry Day is the time for those who were taken, and for the families who had children taken – to grieve, reflect and to be acknowledged. 

It is also a time for all of us to show our love and respect to all the Stolen Generations across the country, to those who made it home, to those still searching and to those who never made it back home to their families, communities and traditional country. 

For the 2016 National Sorry Day, Link-Up Victoria screened our film “Fractured: Broken Ties Reclaimed Lives” and our special guest was Archie Roach, award winner artist whose “Took the Children Away” has become an anthem for the Stolen Generations.